Azure's body of work represents a brave and delicate articulation of feminist driven subject matters and old-fashioned journalistic curiosity. With her strong command of the current filmmaking tools and technology, Azure has managed to create and produce a series of visually contemplative works in film.  Azure also possesses a seemingly inherent inclination to employ her work as a platform through which viewers can explore or examine various, perhaps time-sensitive, social justice issues. As a fellow visual artist, I’ve trusted her perceptions and or ideas at various critical junctures in my work.

-Anthony Calypso, Actor, Author, Professor


"Azure is a joy to create with, with the true soul of an artist. She helped tell my story, understand my vision, and the final result of our work together completely exceeded my expectations. The first cut blew me away and we hardly tweaked it from there. Azure is especially talented at gathering lots of material - and the right material - and then weaving a narrative through sound and vision that is extremely personal yet still polished and modern. She is always working on multiple creative projects at once, and has her own taste and particular eye. She is a sensitive and professional communicator, and quite accommodating. She is great at what she does, with a wide range of experience, and I can't wait to work with her again."

-Kendra Benson, Fashion Designer


Patience, softness, strength, unique perspective. Wonderful, thought-provoking works. Thank you, Azure

-Abigail Wahl,  Artist


Azure uses film to chronicle the spectacular and mundane occurrences that make us human. While We Are Still Here had the honor of Azure’s vision in helping to develop the visual feel of a documentary project, centering on aspects of Harlem’s history. She was a stand out in a team of three, and her footage stood out for its artistry.  

-Karen Taylor, Director 

The most beautiful pictures I’ve had taken. Had a daytime shoot with double exposure photographs. Would love to shoot again. Definitely recommend!

-Natalie Delgado, Content Manager, Gender, History, Consumption & Identity Specialist.