About Azure


"A filmmaker with a female gaze."

-Mayanicol, pictured

Azure uses both film and digital mediums to tell visual stories. Bio

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The wonderful thing about Azure is that she has a great videographer’s eye. She cares about what’s in the frame—the subject, the lighting, the clarity.
— Karen Taylor - Writer, Director
Still from "Cleanse"

Still from "Cleanse"

On directing Cleanse and Run Brother: 

"We [Arianne, story, stylist + Mayanicol, performance artist, musician] were initially very inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés' book, 'Women Who Run With The Wolves,' and wanted to create something that told the story of a Woman who uses dance to re-discover herself in the desert. We ended up creating two short films that did just that and travelled across America. 

For me, co-creating and directing these films has been transformational in helping me embrace my power as a feminine cinematographer and director." 

Cleanse, above, was selected to show at the Project Row Houses in Houston, TX and at the Made in NY Media Center in New York City where she served as a panelist and featured director.