About Azure

Image by Teo Frank

Azure Rouet McBride is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker working in directing, cinematography, writing and editing.

Azure spent half a year in the south of France studying Cinema at Le Collège International de Cannes and interning at the Cannes Film Festival before moving to Brooklyn, New York to study at Pratt Institute. Prior to earning her degree, she studied under directors Spike Lee (Red Hook Summer,) Jonathan Demme (Marley) and worked alongside Prince as his videographer. After earning her B.F.A in film, Azure moved to LA to co-found The PNQ Collective (pronounced “pink,”) a women-identifying artist collective producing original films, performance art and music.  Her two films, Cleanse and Run Brother, both PNQ Collective initiatives, traveled to various film festivals, art galleries and showcases throughout the States. In August 2019, Azure was recognized as a Featured Director at the Hip-Hop Film Festival in Harlem, NY, where her film A Star in Brooklyn was screened. Azure currently lives in Los Angeles and travels internationally to do her work.